Expertise, excellence and experience at the service of your health

That’s where the story of the creation of Amilcar Polyclinic began

We are a group of healthcare professionals with different disciplinary backgrounds, and we have decided to implement an innovative and efficient model for doing things differently.


We’ve decided to do our very best to make sure your access to the best specialised care is easy, convenient, and comfortable.


We decided to provide you with a range of specialties and direct access to a network of renowned practitioners.


We are proud of being at the leading edge of medical development, and the ongoing training of our healthcare professionals ensures that we provide safe, up-to-date care for our patients.

Offering the best medical care starts with

Dedicated assistance

Priority access to medical experts

Being equipped with state-of-the-art technical facilities

Do you have a question?

Reception Number

+216 70 220 250 /251/252

Emergency Number

+216 70 220 254